Drum Lessons

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ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) is the leading authority on musical assessment. More than 600,000 candidates, in over 90 countries, take their exams every year. The ABRSM provide the highest quality music exams, services and resources, which engage and sustain learners, thus supporting music education.

Students are taught using material from ABRSM and other reputable music exam boards and can choose to learn purely for pleasure, or to gain qualifications in their chosen instrument. We teach examination grades 1-8 through the ABRSM.

The lesson plans are made up of some of the following elements:
• Performance pieces
• Scales, arpeggios/broken chords
• Sight Reading
• Aural tests

Various technical, reading, improvisational, and stylistic exercises are dealt with each week. Independence exercises, sticking exercises, bass drum and high-hat exercises are examined along with various styles of popular drumming.

In addition the analysis of recordings of well-known drummers will help students to learn the intricacies of the industry’s top percussionists. This academic approach to drums and percussion will give students the experience they need to develop the necessary skills of an exceptional, individual drummer.

Rockschool Syllabus

This is meant for use as a guide only. Some students differ in their abilities, some may complete their grades at a faster rate than others.

  • Drums - Grade 1 (6 months)
  • Grade 1 to 8 can be completed within 5 years for exceptional students